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The heavens declare the glory of God....shouldn't we?

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Declaring the Glory of God

 "The heart of worship is and always has been blessing Him - coming to intimacy with Him - giving to Him. He is the center of worship and how dare we ever make us the center of worship. Worship isn't to please me, it's to please Jesus. Worship is for Jesus, it's to Jesus and it's about Jesus" (from the Vineyard UK cd "I Love Your Presence")

 The focus of this site is to glorify God. The God we serve is wonderful, mysterious, marvelous, powerful, awesome and so much more than words could ever convey. We really need to get the wonder and mystery back in our worship of Him. I am at a loss for words in trying to get through to others just how wonderful our God is. I really am blessed by the song Breathing the Breathe by Matt Redman off the CD Facedown.

"We have nothing to give that didn't first come from Your hands We have nothing to offer You which You did not provide Every good perfect gift comes from Your kind and gracious heart And all we do is give back to You what always has been Yours"
 (2004 Thankyou Music)

 We can truly offer Him nothing that He did not provide for us to offer to Him. Let us offer Him the only thing that we can that is worthy of Him.....all that we are. I pray that this site blesses God and you. And that you have a revelation of the wonder and mystery of God that causes a response of worship that is worthy of Him.
May a song of praise be always on your lips, and a prayer of worship always in your heart
You Alone Are God 

The new CD, You Alone are God, is almost ready to purchase. I just need to copyright and get the songs to the distributor.   It has 8 songs on it and most of them will be unfamiliar to you.  Keep checking in the store for availability.

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